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Media9 PR advises and supports a wide variety of high profile clients on their communication needs through a range of customized services. With the help of our vast industry experience, we solve all the communication problems at hand. Our clients are more than happy with our ability to solve and tackle difficult and challenging issues smoothly.

We provide all our solutions based on our deep knowledge of client business requirements and the working environment. We, at Media9, also keep our stakeholders (who are involved in managing and structuring all communications) in mind, while designing our brand communication and corporate programmes.

Why Choose Us?

  •    We’ve been providing Media PR services to celebrities and Brands.
  •    We’ve done Media PR for Brands like Southscope Calender, CCL, Siima to name a few
  •    Our media PR associations span across India including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh etc.
  •    We have Tie ups with websites, Media newpapers and leading PROs from the industry like Nikhil, Sanjay, Giridhar, Arvind, Manjunath and the likes